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ClickMagick Pricing:

So, you ended up knowing that Clickmagick is the best link tracker for you, well indeed it is, now you are looking for its price, right? I’ll cover Clickmagick pricing plans here for you my friend. and I hope it will be helpful for you.

before starting, I want you to know that Clickmagick offers three pricing plans.

here are they in short.

  • Starter Plan : $37/mo
  • Standard Plan : $77/mo
  • Pro Plan : $197/mo

all these three plans come with 14 days Trial.

ClickMagick Pricing Plans is details

as you might already know, and as I mentioned above, Clickmagick offers three pricing plans for you, and each plan comes to suits business size and needs.

let’s cover all these three different pricing plans in detail.

Clickmagick Starter Plan

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The Clickmagick Starter Plan is the lowest option you can get.

this plan is suitable for starters as it is called, or any small business with low traffic and visitors.

this will set you back $ 37 / month, or you can opt for an annual payment of $ 247 and get a 24% discount.

What does this plan offer?

  • 10,000 clicks.

with a starter plan, you are limited to 10,000 clicks per month.
if you are a beginner, this is far enough for you.

  • Funnel Tracking

Yes, you can track funnels using ClickMagick, but you are limited to 1 funnel

in case you don’t know what is a funnel you can check this article.

  • Data retention

Data retention is the data that Clickmagick collects from the traffic you send to the links you track.

the data you get helps you scale your business and get the best results.

the starter plan will only keep this data for six months and then it will be erased.

  • Custom Tracking domains

Clickmagick comes with a generic tracking link, you can use it at no additional cost.

but for best results, you have the option of getting a custom tracking domain name.

this will make you stand out, and give your links more trust.

this plan has limited the number of domains you can link to Clickmagick to two domain names.

  • Support and help.

once you sign up for your starter plan you may need some help and tips to solve problems you face, Clickmagick support is amazing when it comes to supporting.

as I experienced, whenever I run into a problem I contact them and get the solution so quickly.

but this does not apply to the starter plan.

the subscribers to this package sometimes have to wait up to 4 hours to get a response to their tickets.

but, in fact, this is still good compared to other link tracking services.

  • Team member

when you run a business you can’t do it on your own, you might need someone to help you.

The starter plan only allows you to use Clickmagick on your own, which means that you cannot add a team member.

ClickMagick Standard Plan

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The standard plan is the next plan you can get with Clickmagick.

in fact, this is the most popular plan Clickmagick offers.

it is a higher level of the starter plan, where you can get more benefits such as the number of clicks you are limited to.

you can get the standard plan for $77 / month, or you choose to pay annually and get a 26% discount and pay $597 per year.

What does this plan offer?

  • 100,000 clicks

this is the number of clicks you are limited to in the standard plan, 100,000 is a huge number and will definitely cover all of your monthly traffic.

  • Funnel Tracking

now you are up to 5 funnels to track, the standard plan has reserved more space for you.

you can now connect your 5 funnels, track and get better stats.

  • Data retention

Reading Data you get from the links you track is very important, with this plan, you have access to analysis and improvement of all clicks reported within a one-year interval. which means twice longer than the starter plan.

  • Custom tracking domains

now you can integrate 10 domain names and start tracking your links. which is 8 more domain names when compared to the starter plan, 2 domain names.

  • Support

On ClickMagick’s Standard and PRO plan, you will receive 1 hour of fanatic support with an average response time of 1 hour.

And it will almost certainly be the best support you will receive from ClickMagick.

  • Experts Academy – Standard

ClickMagick Expert Academy is an online academy training course that will take you from relatively zero income to 6-7 numbers as an online marketer.

  • Team member

Clickmagick gives you the option to add 3 team members to help you in your business.

ClickMagick Pro Plan

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For power users who need more. All in Standard plus Plus Plus .. this plan really isn’t for you.

unless you’re spending thousands of dollars on advertising.

this pro plan is intended for large companies.

you can get it for $197 per month, or in one payment per year of $897, with a 23% discount.

  • 1,000,000

One Million clicks is what you get in the Pro plan per month. enough said. Run as much traffic as you like. 😉

  • Funnel Tracking

not limited, you can track as many funnels as you want.

  • Data retention

Two years of data retention, you have more time, more data stored for you to go back to and check. available for you for two years.

  • Tracking Domain names

Unlimited Tacking custom domain names, just integrate as many domains as you wish. no problem, Clickmagick got your back.

  • Team Members

Unlimited Team Members, you can add as many team members as you like.

  • Support

Number one Support, Pro members questions are always 1st serve, this is called done for your support.

you’ll never be stuck somewhere, Clickmagick support team is always next and ready to help. Fast.

Is Clickmagick FREE?

No, Clickmagick is not FREE, but you have the option to try it for 14 days FREE.

Where to get clickmagick 30 days free trial

never trust someone who claims they can offer Clickmagick 30 days free trial.

he or she is for sure a scammer, be careful.

you can only get a 14-day trial, no more. and this is of course sufficient to discover Clickmagick, without spending a penny.


Aziz LOJO, Internet marketer. CEO and Creator of BLT blog.

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