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Voluum Review 2021: what is New?

In this Voluum review, we are going to cover almost everything you may want to know about Voluum

What is Voluum?

Voluum Review - what Is Voluum?

Voluum is a smart and very advanced real-time analytics and tracking platform that can serve you well when running Ad campaigns.

Designed by a group of performance marketers called Codewise.

They are individual Advertisers who are looking to improve their online business by monitoring their campaign and save more efforts while maintaining the progress of their business.

By using Voluum, you can rest, by knowing that all of your data is in a safe place, thanks to the high-quality encryption and high levels of authentication used by this super platform, Voluum.

How does Voluum work?

Voluum Pricing plans

Voluum pricing plans are high.

it is not really cheap software, it’s an expensive one.

it comes in 4 different pricing plans

1st: Discover

$89 a month

2nd: Profit

$149 a month

3rd: Grow

$449 a month

4th: Custom

Customizable to suit your business need

But, you have an option to get get a discount, and that’s if you decide to switch to the yearly payment. so the prices will go like this.

1st: Discover

$69 a month

2nd: Profit

$119 a month

3rd: Grow

$349 a month

so, if you are a beginner, Voluum definitely is not the best link tracker for you, because it will cost you more money. (check this Voluum alternatives)

otherways, if you are in the space for a long time and you have some consistent income, this tool can help you scall your business and help you make even more money.

Voluum Trial

Voluum Pricing plan

Voluum Trial is not offered, the only trial you get is once you sign up for a plan, you can have a trial option for some functionalities from the superior plans. that the trial you get.


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